Dominique Jeulin has been Director of Research and Professor at École des Mines de Paris, which he joined in 1986. He previously worked at IRSID, where he developed image analysis for materials of steel industry. At École des Mines, he was at the head of the "Physics of Heterogeneous Media" group, with activities in three laboratories of École des Mines de Paris: the Centre de Morphologie Mathématique (Fontainebleau), the Centre de Géostatistique (Fontainebleau), and the Centre des Matériaux P.M. Fourt (Évry).

His main research interests cover the theoretical prediction of physical properties of random media, fracture statistics models, homogenization of mechanical and optical properties of composite materials and of biological tissues, but also, as illustrated by some of the images in this book, probabilistic segmentation of images, random media and nanostructures, 3D image analysis...

His colleagues and friends, from France and abroad, have met in Oléron for a workshop in his honor. They also prepared the present book, which collects articles that are both of a scientific nature, as well as "sentimental" views on their collaboration with Dominique...


  • I Workshop in honor of D. Jeulin - Contributed Talks 1
    • 1 Imaging techniques & image analysis
    • 2 Random structures & microstructure characterization
    • 3 Coupled problems
    • 4 Homogenization
    • 5 Generalized continua and defects in solid mechanics
    • 6 Fourier-based methods
    • 7 Micro-mechanical modeling of polycrystals
    • 8 Transport properties & optimization
    • 9 Fibrous media
  • II Workshop in honor of D. Jeulin - Contributed Posters
  • III Dedicated articles: personal views and recollection
  • V Selected works by D. Jeulin
  • VI Addenda


Editeur : Presses des Mines - Transvalor

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Publication : 19 avril 2023

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