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This book, written by international experts in clinical epileptology and EEG, comprehensively covers the clinical and EEG features of all paediatric and adult epilepsy syndromes, as recognized by the ILAE. Each syndrome-chapter provides detailed description of the associated seizure types and the characteristic interictal findings in wakefulness and sleep, illustrated by a plethora of EEG plates. It also includes recording protocols that, adapted to available resources and complete with practical information to improve recording strategies, are designed to maximize diagnostic yield. Finally, the diagnostic confidence of the EEG report is rated according to the findings in hand and the available clinical information. A fully informative, but concise and easy-to-use, companion in the daily clinical practice for electroencephalographers and EEG technologists, but also a reference guide for epileptologists and general neurologists who care for children and adults with epilepsy.


Editeur : John Libbey

Auteur(s) : Michalis Koutroumanidis

Publication : 2 juillet 2018

Intérieur : Noir & blanc

Support(s) : eBook [ePub + PDF]

Contenu(s) : ePub, PDF

Protection(s) : Marquage social (ePub), Marquage social (PDF)

Taille(s) : 110 Mo (ePub), 250 Mo (PDF)

Langue(s) : Anglais

Code(s) CLIL : 3173

EAN13 eBook [ePub + PDF] : 9782742015764

EAN13 (papier) : 9782742015627

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