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  1. The Balanced Business

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The Balanced Business


De Jean-Marc Borello


Débats publics - Collection : Sens - mai 2018

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    Why We Need Common Good Capitalism 
    Capitalism leads to excesses and the social and solidarity economy can't provide all the answers. That's why we need a new economic model. As head of the French nonpro t GROUPE SOS, Jean-Marc Borello has shown that business is about more than getting a return on capital but also that anyone concerned about the common good needs to know how the economy works. That's the message he tries to get across when he travels the world. It's the thinking that underpins the MOUVES (Mouvement des Entrepreneurs Sociaux, Movement of Social Entrepreneurs), a body that he set up in France in 2010. 

    GROUPE SOS, which now employs 15,000 sta and incorporates 405 structures, is impressive in many ways. It has become a large organization: it has a presence in 35 countries, provides services to a million people in France every year and its turnover is 900 million euros. It has led the way in showing why performance is relevant to the nonpro t sector. Finally, it does not hesitate to outline aims that are straightforward to articulate but tough to deliver. It quite simply seeks to provide solutions to our most pressing social questions when it comes to youth, employment, welfare, health and seniors... 

    In this book, Jean-Marc Borello pulls no punches. He argues that the social and solidarity economy must keep evolving, fully embrace its role as an economic actor and be bold when tackling issues, however di cult they may be. He believes those working in it need to think outside the box, grasp the signi cance of the challenges we face and take ownership of a new approach: common good capitalism.

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