This book provides a comprehensive update on multiple aspects of the wide-ranging topic of mental retardation.

The opening part of the volume is dedicated to the definition of mental retardation and to the various classification systems, within an epidemiological perspective. A second core section presents the neuropsychology of mental retardation, considering both the global approach to the identification of the different deficits present in this condition, and the definition of specific cognitive-behavioural phenotypes possibly related to distinct genetic syndromes or gene defects.

Of particular interest are some contributions to the neurological diagnosis of mental retardation, providing the clinical description of several specific disorders and genetic syndromes, and outlining the essential diagnostic input provided by genetic tests.

The psychiatric comorbidity of mentally retarded subjects is presented, and specific chapters are geared to the medical treatment of mental retardation and the psychopharmacology of the associated neuropsychiatric disorders.

A final section deals with several cognitive, psycho-pedagogic, and psycho-educative rehabilitation approaches, focusing on the lifelong disability deriving from mental retardation.


  • Cognitive and behavioural assessment in children with mental retardation
  • Neurodiagnostics for children with mental retardation
  • Mental retardation and epilepsy
  • Mental retardation in patients with neuromuscular disorders
  • Mental retardation in paediatric disease
  • Laboratory: instructions for proper use of genetic tests
  • X-linked mental retardation: a diagnostic, clinical and molecular update
  • Phenotypes of Smith-Magenis syndrome
  • Rett syndrome and its variants
  • Phenotypes in chromosome 15-linked syndromes
  • The psychopathological structure of the child with mental retardation
  • Psychiatric comorbidity in intellectual disability (mental retardation)
  • Pharmacological treatment of psychiatric comorbidities in mental retardation
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation in children with cognitive impairment
  • An educational approach in mental retardation: how to build an individualized education plan (IEP)
  • Medical treatments for mental retardation: the neurobiological bases for new therapeutic approaches
  • The Feuerstein method: an effective tool for rehabilitation in mental retardation
  • Understanding alterations during human brain development with molecular imaging: a guide to new treatment approaches for mental retardation
  • Mental retardation: definition and classification systems
  • Neuropsychological profile of Williams syndrome
  • Neuropsychology of mental retardation: fragile X syndrome as paradigm of the cognitive-behavioural phenotypes


Editeur : John Libbey

Auteur(s) : Daria Riva, Sara Bulgheroni, Chiara Pantaleoni

Collection : Mariani Foudation Paediatric Neurology

Publication : 3 avril 2008

Edition : 1ère édition

Intérieur : Noir & blanc

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Langue(s) : Anglais

Code(s) CLIL : 3165

EAN13 Text (eye-readable) [PDF] : 9782742009473

EAN13 (papier) : 9782742006878

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