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Our knowledge on epileptic spasms and West syndrome is always in progress. Its wide variability concerning clinical semiology, EEG patterns and neurodevelopment is related to heterogeneous aetiologies and is believed to considerably influence diagnostic procedures and treatment selection. This contrasts with the general tendency to consider the pathogenic mechanism underlying infantile spasms as unique.

This book includes several contributions to a recent international workshop gathering up-to-date knowledge on electro-graphic and seizure semiology, neurodevelopment, surgical and medical treatment in West syndrome.


  • Nosological aspects of West syndrome
  • West syndrome revisited
  • Infantile spasms and West syndrome: anatomo-electroclinical patterns and etiology
  • Epileptic spasms: interictal patterns
  • Epileptic spasms: ictal patterns
  • Spasms outside West syndrome
  • New paediatric behavioural and electrophysiological tests of brain function for vision and attention to predict cognitive and neurological outcomes
  • Developmental features in West syndrome
  • West syndrome: epilepsy-induced neuro-sensory disorders and cognitive development


Editeur : John Libbey

Auteur(s) : Francesco Guzzetta, Bernardo Dalla Bernadina, Renzo Guerrini

Collection : Progress in Epileptic Disorders

Publication : 12 juillet 2007

Edition : 1ère édition

Intérieur : Noir & blanc

Support(s) : Text (eye-readable) [PDF]

Contenu(s) : PDF

Protection(s) : Marquage social (PDF)

Taille(s) : 2,5 Mo (PDF)

Langue(s) : Anglais

Code(s) CLIL : 3165

EAN13 Text (eye-readable) [PDF] : 9782742009176

EAN13 (papier) : 9782742006557

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