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  1. Epilepsy and Migraine

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Epilepsy and Migraine

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    Epilepsy and migraine are two frequent chronic neurological disorders which have complex links. Their comorbidity is well established by epidemiological data. Both are characterized by recurrent epileptic or migrainous attacks, sometimes intermingled. Their clinical symptoms may overlap. Moreover, some drug therapies can be used for both disorders.

    What is this so particular link? This is exactly what this book aims to show! This book reports the most recent progresses observed in all the fields covered by-epilepsy and migraine. Epileptologists, who sometimes are not familiar with those fields, will find information on physiopathology, genetics and clinical classifications of migraine.

    Edited by famous international specialists of migraine and/or epilepsy, this book will be essential to physicians in charge of this double therapeutic approach.


    • Comorbidity of epilepsy and migraine: epidemiological considerations
    • Migraine's pathophysiological mechanisms
    • What the epileptologist has to know about the International Headache Society classification of migraine
    • Epilepsy and migraine: a disorder of hyperexcitability?
    • Epilepsy and migraine: clinical phenomenology and co-occurrence of symptoms
    • Differential diagnosis between epilepsy and particular forms of migraine with prolonged neurological symptoms in children
    • Epilepsy and familial hemiplegic migraine Genetic and clinical aspects
    • Treatments: overlap between migraine and epilepsy in children

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