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Language: Normal and Pathological Development

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    This comprehensive monograph updates progress in understanding children's language learning and its pathologies. It stresses the neurologic basis of normal language acquisition and the consequences of a variety of disorders using such tools as detailed analysis of language comprehension, production, and use, as well as functional brain imaging, and electrophysiology. It also underlines the importance of subcortical circuitry and inner speech, and reviews the unfolding or regression of language in focal brain lesions, autism, Williams syndrome, and developmental disorders of oral and written language.




    • Normal language development
      • Language acquisition and neural development: the contribution of Elisabeth Bates
      • Phonological development: developmental profile and analysis procedures
      • Early lexical development: individual risk and atypical processes
      • Grammar development
      • Pragmatics
    • Language and neurofunctional correlates
      • Auditory comprehension of language in young children
      • The language production-comprehension network in functional imaging
      • Developmental changes in human cerebral functional organization for word generation
      • Functional reorganization of language networks during development
    • Language in congenital and acquired brain lesions
      • The relationship between language and development in autistic spectrum disorders
      • Language regression in autism: pathogenesis and differential diagnosis
      • Language disorders in children with cerebellar pathology
      • Aphasias in children: neuroanatomical correlations
      • The relationship between developmental language disorders and behaviour disorders
      • Language in children with Williams syndrome
      • Disorders of verbal and non-verbal communication in children with bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria
    • Developmental language disorders (DLD)
      • Specific language impairment: definition and diagnostic criteria
      • Language delay in toddlers: differential diagnosis between specific and symptomatic disorders
      • Phonological processes causing developmental language disorders (DLD): diagnostic possibilities
      • Clinical characterization of Specific Language Impairment (SLI)
      • Reading and writing skills in children with specific language impairment

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